The Company

Based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, Logick Workshop specializes in developing custom electronics solutions for niche applications. Custom embedded controllers for legacy devices, low-cost vision systems, and after-market sensor peripherals are just a few examples. Application areas run the gamut: industrial controls, home automation, aftermarket automotive, consumer electronics, and more.

Custom design and integration meets the modern open source technology ecosystem.

By leveraging the modern realities of unprecedented low costs in digital electronics and sensors and mature, stable open source software, Logick Workshop is able to meet very aggressive cost constraints in designs. Extensive experience with this ecosystem means knowing the appropriate tool for the job.

The Engineer

I’m Aaron Mavrinac, responsible for Logick Workshop’s product design, hardware engineering, and software development.

Aaron Mavrinac

I have had a life-long interest in computers and electronics. While I have a healthy appreciation for academic rigour – I completed a Ph.D. in electrical and computer engineering at the University of Windsor in 2012, and have taught several undergraduate courses there – a less principled hacking and tinkering approach has, for many topics, been my most productive route to understanding.

Before and during graduate school, I spent several years working on industrial controls, robotics, and inspection systems in the automotive manufacturing industry. Most recently, I spent two years working as a research engineer with Bosch in Palo Alto, California and Plymouth, Michigan, developing perception algorithms for driver assistance and automated driving systems, and learning a lot about good engineering.

In parallel, I’ve contributed to open-source projects big and small, and mentored for Google Summer of Code for a few years. I had a hand in founding Windsor’s hackerspace, Hackforge, and currently sit on its board (and sometimes at its workbenches).