Design Consulting

Your Design Partner

You’re an expert in your domain with an idea for a product. Whether your industry is commercial coffee roasters, modular synthesizers, or aftermarket automotive accessories, you know the game and the players. Maybe your product idea needs data from tiny embedded accelerometers and gyroscopes to work. Maybe it needs to talk to an embedded system from a manufacturer long out of business.

Have a product idea in your niche that needs tech? Let Logick Workshop help make it reality.

Logick Workshop works with you to design the electronics and software in your product. With a broad range of experience to draw on, no project is too daunting for a first look!


Depending on your needs and the nature of the product, consulting or partnering arrangements are available. Beyond hardware design and software development, Logick Workshop can also source a full range of services including user interface design, user documentation, manufacturing, and distribution.

Core Competencies and Tool Belt

Logick Workshop offers a range of electronics, software, and automation engineering expertise, including:

  • custom PCB design
  • digital electronics, embedded communication interfaces
  • microcontrollers, embedded Linux systems
  • high-level software development (C, C++, Python)
  • sensor planning and sensor fusion
  • industrial automation and machine vision
  • integration with new or existing systems
  • reverse engineering of legacy systems and protocols

Logick Workshop specializes in the application of modern open source hardware and software technologies in industrial and commercial settings, replacing proprietary systems at a fraction of the cost, and opening up new possibilities for embedded systems and automation.

Open Source

Logick Workshop is amenable to providing consulting services on closed-source and proprietary systems. However, for many partners, a more beneficial arrangement is a partnership including an agreement to open the product design as material for experiential education.

The educational impact derives more from the design process than from its final results. For most niche products, releasing the design in this way will have a negligible impact on sales and is not likely to create a significant advantage for competitors. Meanwhile, as exemplified by many such successful products, the partner gains the benefit of feedback from the community, effectively harnessing a free public review panel with mutual benefit in the design cycle.

Ask to learn more about Logick Workshop’s open source software and hardware business model, and how it can benefit you!