DU-INO Custom Function

DU-INO is a compact programmable digital-analog function platform. With 14 total configurable I/O (5 CV inputs, up to 5 CV outputs, and up to 6 gate/trigger inputs/outputs), using precision 12-bit ADC and DAC circuits and an analog computer, a vast array of functions are possible. A graphical OLED display and various tactile inputs offer a rich user interface. This module can be whatever you want it to be, in 14 HP! It’s essentially the ultimate Eurorack Arduino shield. Supplying your own Arduino (or other shield-compatible microcontroller board), you can select from our growing library of functions, or use our full-featured Arduino library to write your own!

  • DU-INO is powerful. A carefully designed set of high-quality circuits packs unlimited possibilities into just 14 HP.
  • DU-INO is future proof. Your rack is always changing. DU-INO morphs to complement it, in minutes.
  • DU-INO is hackable. Want to control that parameter with CV? You have the source code. You have the power.

Coming soon!