Reverse Engineering

Break The Black Box

The need to understand, replace, upgrade, or interface with a legacy or proprietary digital system is a common encounter for engineers in settings with many moving parts. A modest effort to reverse engineer the system can often yield much more cost-effective results than alternative options, both by leveraging prior effort and by reducing impact and overall risk.

Need to modify, upgrade, or interface with a black box? Contract Logick Workshop to crack it open.


Logick Workshop is equipped to:

  • recover schematics from physical devices/PCBs
  • dump and disassemble ROMs (e.g. via JTAG)
  • decode digital communication protocols
  • decode software interfaces and file formats
  • design custom breakouts and test benches

Professional, high-quality documentation is provided with every package. Full-featured drivers and APIs for C, C++, and Python can also be provided.