DU-RDT Sequential Logic


DU-RDT is a Swiss army knife of sequential logic functions on a common clock input: a 16-bit sampling shift register which operates as a 16-bit LFSR when the input is disconnected, with two selectable outputs from the top and bottom bytes as well as a pattern lock switch; a D-type flip flop with normal and complemented outputs; and a T-type flip flop normaled to the D-type’s complemented output. A variety of useful and interesting trigger and gate patterns are possible with creative use of the inputs and outputs.


Build It

DU-RDT is available as an easy-to-build full DIY kit in either through-hole or SMD. The SMD version is beginner-friendly, using relatively large 0603, SOD-123, SOT-23, and SOIC packages.

Get It

DU-RDT kits and parts are also available from the following retailers: